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Professional A/C Services in TX

At Britton Service Group, you won’t find flashy gimmicks like “Free Service Calls” or “Only $19 Diagnostic”.

We believe in starting our relationship with you honestly from the very beginning. We believe in paying our friendly, highly trained, honest technicians a fair wage and provide them with a fully stocked truck so they are fully prepared when they arrive. “Free service calls” mean the company has already lost money just to show up at your door. This leads to a mentality of needing to make money no matter what on every single call.


We will give an upfront cost for the Diagnostics before we dispatch a technician. This trip fee covers these expenses and allows our techs to focus on the problem at hand instead of finding ways to make money. They arrive at your home with no pressure to sell and make your needs their only priority.

Honest A/C Repair Services in TX

If our technician determines the A/C system needs a repair, we will inform you completely of all findings, and provide an estimate for your approval. We stock all the common parts that fail on every one of our service trucks. If the repair should require an uncommon or OEM Part, we will get an estimated time from the manufacturer and make sure we move as fast as possible. We will also always verify if the part has a Manufacturer Warranty to help save you money.

Best of all, we will never pressure you into any repair or system replacement. Our diagnostics are always No- Pressure, and No-Obligation. We only believe in giving you our professional advice and all the information required, so that you can make the best-informed decision for your family.

Here are a few recommendations for you to try before you make the call:

  • Check the breakers for the equipment first. If the breakers trip after resetting, this indicates an issue. We recommend leaving the breaker off until it can be checked out.
  • Check you drain lines. The drain is located on the indoor equipment. Most new systems have a device that shuts the unit down if the drain is clogged to prevent gallons of water from overflowing and causing damage to your home. (This may still require a professional to unclog)
  • Check your air filters. If they are dirty, your unit may have frozen up. Turn the system completely off and replace the filters. You can leave the unit completely off for a few hours or use the indoor FAN only to speed up thawing the system. To do this, move the “FAN” mode from “Auto” to “ON”. The indoor unit will start blowing but the cooling will stay off and allow it to thaw. Try it again after you think it has thawed. NOTE: Thawing a frozen unit may cause it to leak water since there will be a lot of ice thawing quickly.

If these recommendations didn’t work, now is time to give us a call. We may even have a technician at a call in the same neighborhood that can swing by shortly. Regardless, we understand you need someone there ASAP.

Give us a call today and see the difference between professional, honest A/C services and flashy gimmicks!